Co-located Event Tutorial Workshop Main Conference
09:00 NSDF: National Science Data Fabric Bi-annual meeting Miller Town Hall How FAIR is your software? An introduction to FAIR software and hands-on tutorial Zion Bank Classroom Second Workshop on Reproducible Workflows, Data, and Security (ReWorDS 2022) Ivory Ballroom
10:00 BREAK
10:30 NSDF: National Science Data Fabric Bi-annual meeting Miller Town Hall How FAIR is your software? An introduction to FAIR software and hands-on tutorial Zion Bank Classroom Second Workshop on Reproducible Workflows, Data, and Security (ReWorDS 2022) Ivory Ballroom
12:00 LUNCH
13:30 Welcome Miller Town Hall
13:45 Keynote: Large (Hadron Collider) and Big (Data Science) Federica Legger (National Institute for Nuclear Physics), Miller Town Hall
14:45 Industry Keynote: The Red Queen's Race: Software Development Down the Rabbit Hole Tim Mattson (Intel), Miller Town Hall
15:30 BREAK
16:00 Panel: Open Data and the Democratization of Science David Abramson, Ilkay Altintas, Drew Mingl, Federica Legger, Valerio Pascucci, Miller Town Hall
17:00 Posters short talks (2-min short talks) Miller Town Hall
17:50 Poster reception Miller Town Hall


Session Chairs: Tanu Malik (DePaul U); Dan Katz (UIUC)

  • A Methodology to Generate Efficient Neural Networks for Classification of Scientific Datasets
    Patel, Keller Rorabaugh, Olaya, Caino-Lores, Channing, Schuman, Miyashita, Tama, Taufer
  • Generating Synthetic Images & Data to Improve Object Detection in CCTV Footage from Public Transport
    Simpson, Nik Aznan, Brennan, Watson, James, Jonczyk
  • Contextual and Spatial Attention Model: Transfer Learning based Hybrid QNN Paradigm for Computer Vision Applications
    Vijayakumar, Louis, Pai Kane, Balachandar
  • Context-Aware Notebook Search in a Jupyter-Based Virtual Research Environment
    Li, Farshidi, Bianchi, Koulouzis, Zhao
  • Upscaling of Cosmological N-body Simulations
    Conceição, Krone-Martins, da Silva
  • Examining the Effect of Implementation Factors on Deep Learning Reproducibility
    Coakley, Kirkpatrick, Gundersen
  • Toward Scientific Workflows in a Serverless World
    Khochare, Simmhan, Mehta, Agarwal
  • AIQUAM, Artificial Intelligence-based water QUAlity Model: assessing and predicting farmed mussels quality in the Bay of Naples (Italy)
    De Vita, Mellone, Di Luccio, Kosta, Ciaramella, Montella
  • Augmenting Singularity to Generate Fine-grained Workflows, Record Trails, and Data Provenance
    Kennedy, Olaya, Lofstead, Vargas, Taufer
  • The Materials Commons Data Repository
    Tarcea, Puchala, Scorzelli, Pascucci, Taufer, Allison
  • Neural Network Bias in Analysis of Galaxy Photometry Data
    Goddard, Shamir
  • Using Geoweaver to Make Snow Mapping Workflow FAIR
    Alnaim (Alnuaim), Sun
  • Robust Meta-Workflow Management with Mufasa
    Lyons, Thain
  • Robustness of Sample and Multiscale Entropy Estimators in Noisy and Incomplete Time Series
    Perkey, Krone-Martins
  • Application of Edge-to-Cloud Methods Toward Deep Learning
    Choudhary, Nersisyan, Lin, Chandrasekaran, Mayani, Pottier, Murillo, Virdone, Kee, Deelman
  • Representing Fourier Bases for cryo-EM in ASPIRE
    Langfield, Carmichael, Wright, Andén, Singer
  • Enabling LivePublication
    Ellerm, Adams, Gahegan, Trombach
  • Ubique: A New Model for Untangling Inter-task Data Dependence in Complex HPC Workflows
    Yeom, Ahn, Lumsden, Luettgau, Caino-Lores, Taufer
  • Cluster Analysis of Open Research Data and a Case for Replication Metadata
  • Anguix: Cell Signalling Modelling Improvement through Sabio-RK association to Reactome
    Montoni, N. de Sousa, B. de Lima Junior, G.S. Campos, Wang, M. Constantino, S. Sanctos, A. Armelin, S. Reis
  • An open science exploration of global 1-km simulations of the earth’s atmosphere
    Anantharaj, Hatfield, Polichtchouk, Wedi, Dueben, Papatheodore
  • A Science-Enabled Virtual Reality Demonstration to Increase Social Acceptance of Prescribed Burns
    Nealey, Encinas Pacheco, Gomez Moreno, Floca, Crawl, Altintas
  • PiMS: A Pre-ML Labelling Tool
    Logothetis, Barnett, Hoon, Thudumu, Mathew, Luckhoff, O’Reilly, Vasa, Mouzakis, Fitzgerald
  • Exploring Tradeoffs in Federated Learning on Serverless Computing Architectures
    Baughman, Foster, Chard
  • A Framework for Evaluating MRC Approaches with Unanswerable Questions
    Du, Thudumu, Singh, Barnett, Logothetis, Vasa, Mouzakis
Co-located Event Tutorial Workshop Main Conference
09:00 Keynote: Translational Computer Science as a Paradigm Underpinning eScience David Abramson (University of Queensland), Miller Town Hall
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Session 1: Best Paper and Best Student Paper Candidates Miller Town Hall
12:00 LUNCH
13:30 Short Talks Miller Town Hall Session 2: Data and Healthcare Zion Bank Classroom Session 3: Image Analytics Ivory Ballroom
15:00 BREAK
15:30 Session 4: Environmental Challenges Miller Town Hall Session 5: FAIR Data Zion Bank Classroom Session 6: Knowledge in the Data Ivory Ballroom
18:00 Banquet, Awards, eScience 2023 revealed Miller Town Hall


Session Chair: Kyle Chard (U. Chicago)

  • Question answering systems for healthcare
    Kell, Marshall
  • Advancing Airborne Hyperspectral Data Processing for Sustainable Agriculture Using Parsl
    Friedel, Guan, Zhou, Zhang, Wang, Katz
  • Crystal Structure Generation Using Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network
    Gholami Shiri, Sparks
  • High-Throughput In-Situ Workflows for Ensemble Molecular Dynamics
    Caino-Lores, Cuendet, Estrada, Deelman, Weinstein, Taufer
  • Toward a Lightweight Indexing Service for the National Science Data Fabric
    Luettgau, Scorzelli, Zhou, Tarcea, Lofstead, Pascucci, Taufer
  • A software framework for scientific workflow orchestration at large scale
    Zhou, Luettgau, Kancharla, Kane, Croom, Wheeler, Newell, Scorzelli, Pascucci, Taufer
  • Toward Reusable Science with Readable Code and Reproducibility
    Bahaidarah, Hung, Francisco De Melo Oliveira, Penumaka, Rosario, Trisovic
  • Unlocking Analysis Ready Cloud Optimized (ARCO) file format in the OpenVisus framework
    Koppe, Scorzelli, Pascucci

Session 1: Best Paper (BP) and Best Student Paper (BSP) Candidates

Session Chair: David Abramson (U. of Queensland)

  • Reproducible Notebook Containers using Application Virtualization (BP/BSP)
    Ahmad, Manne, Malik
  • FLoX: Federated Learning with FaaS at the Edge (BP/BSP)
    Kotsehub, Baughman, Chard, Patros, Rana, Foster, Chard
  • Identifying Structural Properties of Proteins from X-ray Free Electron Laser Diffraction Patterns (BP/BSP)
    Olaya, Caino-Lores, Lama, Patel, Rorabaugh, Miyashita, Tama, Taufer
  • Scalable Composition and Analysis Techniques for Massive Scientific Workflows (BP)
    Ahn, Zhang, Mast, Herbein, Di Natale, Kirshner, Ade Jacobs, Karlin, Milroy, De Supinski, Van Essen, Allen, Lightstone

Session 2: Data and Healthcare

Session Chair: Roselyne Barreto Tchoua, DePaul University

  • Using Microservices to Design Patient-facing Research Software
    Chapman, G-Medhin, Sassoon, Kokciyan, Sklar, Curcin
  • The e-Science Central Study Data Platform
    Watson, Hiden
  • Infection Transmission Ontology: Standardization of Infection Transmission Data
    Slavco, de Vos, Hostens, Top, Fischer
  • Multi-Tissue Analysis Using Synchrotron Radiation Micro-CT Images
    Sieverts, Parkinson, Sborov, Pomicter, Williams, Acevedo

Session 3: Image Analytics

Session Chair: Tamás Budavári Johns Hopkins University

  • Remote Instrumentation Science Environment for Intelligent Image Analytics
    Lemus Alarcon, Wang, Nguyen, Pandey, Bunyak, Maschmann, Palaniappan, Calyam
  • Efficient Radio Interferometric Imaging on the GPU
    Liu, Luo, Wang
  • NeuroCI: Continuous Integration of Neuroimaging Results Across Software Pipelines and Datasets
    Sanz-Robinson, Jahanpour, Phillips, Glatard, Poline
  • CloudNet: A Deep Learning Approach for Mitigating Occlusions in Landsat-8 Imagery using Data Coalescence
    Khandelwal, Armstrong, Matin, Pallickara, Pallickara

Session 4: Environmental Challenges

Session Chair: José Moreira, Universidade de Aveiro

  • Efficient Cloud-Based Calibration of Input Data for Forest Fire Spread Prediction
    Fraga, Cortés, Margalef, Hernández
  • Towards Optimal Line of Sight Coverage
    Gu, Budavari, Galante, Burns
  • UAV Swarms in Smart Agriculture: Experiences and Opportunities
    Qu, Boubin, Gafurov, Zhou, Aloysius, Nguyen, Calyam
  • Automating Multivariable Workflow Composition for Model-to-Model Integration
    Vargas Acosta, Garnica Chavira, Villanueva-Rosales, Pennington
  • Finding the Signal: Near Real-time Data Analysis for Urban Traffic Monitoring on a Distributed Bluetooth Sensor Network
    Sichani, Richard, Bubendorfer

Session 5: FAIR Data

Session Chair: Juliane Schneider, GO FAIR US

  • SIM-SITU : A Framework for the Faithful Simulation of in situ Processing
    Honoré, Do, Pottier, Ferreira da Silva, Deelman, Suter
  • Democratising large scale instrument-based science through e-Infrastructure
    Abramson, Barkauskas, Carroll, Condon, Modhiran, Nguyen, Springfield, Watterson
  • Automatic Versioning of Time Series Datasets: a FAIR Algorithmic Approach
    González-Cebrián, McGuinness, Bradford, Chis, González-Vélez
  • Managing Database-Application Co-Evolution in a Scientific Data Ecosystem
    Schuler, Kesselman

Session 6: Knowledge in the Data

Session Chair: Marcelo da Silva Reis University of Campinas

  • Text Summarization towards Scientific Information Extraction
    Keller, Furst, Raicu, Hastings, Tchoua
  • A Framework for Extracting Scientific Measurements and Geo-Spatial Information from Scientific Literature
    Suryani, Wölker, Sharma, Beth, Wallman, Renz
  • frances: A Deep Learning NLP and Text Mining Web Tool to Unlock Historical Digital Collections
  • Enabling Call Path Querying in Hatchet to Identify Performance Bottlenecks in Scientific Applications
    Lumsden, Luettgau, Lama, Scully-Allison, Brink, Isaacs, Pearce, Taufer
Co-located Event Tutorial Workshop Main Conference
09:00 Keynote: An Equitable Future for Computational Research SherAaron (Sher!) Hurt (The Carpentries), Miller Town Hall
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Session 7: HPC and eScience Miller Town Hall Session 8: Signals and Sensor Zion Bank Classroom Session 9: Study of Molecular Systems Ivory Ballroom

Session 7: HPC and eScience

Session Chair: E. Wes Bethel San Francisco State University

  • Enabling Autonomous Electron Microscopy for Networked Computation and Steering
    Al-Najjar, Rao, Sankaran, Ziatdinov, Mukherjee, Ovchinnikova, Roccapriore, Lupini, Kalinin
  • HPC Extensions to the OpenKIM Processing Pipeline
    Karls, Clark, Waters, Elliott, Tadmor
  • Running Ensemble Workflows at Extreme Scale: Lessons Learned and Path Forward
    Mehta, Cliff, Suter, Walker, Wolf, Jacobson, Klasky
  • Understanding the Impact of Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Hybrid In-Situ Techniques in Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications
    Ju, Perez, Markidis, Schlatter, Laure

Session 8: Signals and Sensor

Session Chair: Paul Watson (Newcastle University)

  • A Web-Based System for Contagion Simulations on Networked Populations
    sFerdousi, Kishore, Machi, Machi, Kuhlman, Ravi
  • Subspace based Anomaly Detection Framework for Point Clouds
    Zyl, Du, Thudumu, Logothetis, Barnett, Vasa, Mouzakis
  • Data Fusion for Connectivity Analysis between Ocean Regions
    Trahms, Wölker, Handmann, Visbeck, Renz
  • Towards a Dynamic Composability Approach for using Heterogeneous Systems in Remote Sensing
    Altintas, Perez, Mishin, Trouillaud, Irving, Graham, Tatineni

Session 9: Study of Molecular Systems

Session Chair: Pania Newell (U. Utah)

  • Molecular Dynamics Workflow Decomposition for Hybrid Classic/Quantum Systems
    Cranganore, De Maio, Do, Brandic, Deelman
  • The BioExcel methodology for developing dynamic, scalable, reliable and portable computational biomolecular workflows
    Ejarque, Andrio, Hospital, Conejero, Lezzi, Gelpi, Badia
  • Extending OpenKIM with an Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit for Molecular Modeling
    Kurniawan, Petrie, Transtrum, Tadmor, Elliott, Karls, Wen
  • ParticleGrid: Enabling Deep Learning using 3D Representation of Materials
    Zaman, Ferguson, Pereira, Akhiyarov, Araya-Polo, Chiu